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Individual solutions

We treat each project individually. We suggest appropriate scale and size of a model, adequate to its character and destination. We also offer material and colour solutions that emphasize the good qualities of a future investment. See examples of our work and learn more about us.

Urban and architectural models

Our models are mostly displayed in apartment sale offices, in public places such as galleries, airports, sports centres etc. They are an irreplaceable means of expression of an architectural thought, as well as an element facilitating the conclusion of a transaction between an investor and a client.

Competition models

Free from architectural details, they represent the clear architectural form, an original vision of the architect: they are a composition of form and material. Competition models are a symbol of architecture, most often made in small scales: 1:500, 1:400, 1:250.


  • Ask for the offer
  • Offer & Design
  • Execution
  • Presentation

The first stage of cooperation with us starts with a meeting or sending a request to prepare a tender of a model execution. We suggest a meeting if it is our first cooperation, or if the project’s specificity requires discussion about additional solutions necessary to be presented on a model or an architectural model.


After discussing the details or analysing the tender enquiry, we prepare the offer and a design of a model execution. The design is developed if the discussed project, meaning a mock-up, a model or an architectural model requires specific construction or material solutions. Large-scale models are typical examples of models requiring a number of additional construction, electrical and logistical solutions.

After our offer and the suggested solutions are accepted, we conclude an agreement and start its execution. A mock-up or a model is made entirely in the Archimodel studio. An evaluation of the work and consultations are possible on each stage of execution. A process of the execution of an architectural model has two stages. The first stage consists of digital development, preparation, cutting out of elements and the logistics. The second stage includes the assembly of elements and components.

Final presentation of the product is carried out in our studio or by means of photographs sent to our client. After obtaining an approval of the quality of the executed project, we deliver and install the model at the exposition venue.